Our Federation

Warrington Road Nursery School and Ditton Nursery School are federated schools in the Widnes area and are part of Aspiring Foundations Federated Nursery Schools (AFFNS).

What is a Federation?

A federation is a group of two or more schools that have made a formal commitment to work together under a single governing body. This enables the schools in the federation to:

  • work together efficiently and sustainably to raise standards,
  • improve services and increase opportunities for pupils and staff; and
  • share resources, staff, expertise and facilities.

The benefits of a Federation

Working together in a federation brings important benefits to AFFNS. It means the schools are able to:

  • Share the knowledge, expertise and ideas of individual staff members
  • Provide staff with training and development opportunities within our federation such as:
    • INSET training
    • Working with other teachers across the schools

Warrington Road Nursery School and Ditton Nursery School federated in 2017 and we have found it has been an excellent opportunity to provide improved teaching and learning, enabling strong leadership across both schools.  

We believe our schools gain many benefits from working collaboratively and we have made a commitment to a shared responsibility, the provision of good quality education and outcomes, and the improvement of life chances for all our children. 

Within our schools we work very hard to create a team of teachers and support staff that will support each child in reaching their potential. Many who visit us comment on the strength of our ‘staff team’ and their shared commitment to help every child in the school achieve their best.

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