Helping Your Child at Home

At Ditton Nursery school we believe Parents and carers are the child’s greatest teacher and role model. We want to work together with you to make sure your child feels happy, cared for, safe and ready to learn.

Children learn and play by being creative, being active and being asked questions. All children develop at their own rate and all children are different. It is important to remember one child may have only just turned four whilst their class mate is about to turn five, there is a wide gap in their abilities in that fact alone.

The best way to support your child at home to be ready for school is by:

  • Reading them a bedtime story every night


  • Trying to have a good morning and night time routine that are not rushed so your children arrive at nursery in a calm frame of mind and are not tired from a late or disturbed night


  • Allowing them to try and carry out independent tasks such as getting dressed, zipping up their coat or doing little jobs or simple tasks where they must follow simple instructions. Don’t rush your child’s attempts to do things for themselves. Their natural urge to be independent is good and should be embraced.


  • Helping your child to be ready to communicate by talking and wondering about the world around them, everyday tasks and things of interest.


  • Sing lots of songs! Did you know that if a child knows 8 nursery rhymes by heart by the time they are 4 years old, they are usually among the best readers and spellers in their class by the time they are 8!


If you would like other ideas to support your child’s learning at home please visit

This website has a collection of activities/ideas to help parents/ carers find fun things to do with younger children at home. Most of the ideas have an educational slant but we believe that learning when you're little should be play based.




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