We are aiming for all children to have at least 95% attendance.

Why should I bring my child to nursery school regularly?

  • Evidence shows us that it is important to get children into regular patterns of attendance.
  • Our data shows us that our more able children all have attendance of 95% or above.
  • Children who miss Nursery sessions miss out on vital social play - learning how to make friends and sharing and taking turns.
  • Listening as part of a group needs to be learned and practiced to build attention span.  This is a vital skill for school and life in general.

Does it matter if I am late?

  • Arriving just 5 minutes late each day means your child misses 5 full sessions of Nursery over the year.
  • Arriving half an hour late means your child misses 31 sessions over the year.
  • 90% attendance is like having a day off every 2 weeks.
  • 80% is like having a day off every week.

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